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  • Rose Envoûtante Giftset

    Natural rose essence is universally used in perfume. It is obtained through the distillation of freshly-harvested flowers. The flowers are hand-picked in the morning and then processed as quickly as possible so as to preserve their freshness.

    This giftset contains: 1 Eau de parfum 60ml, 1 solid soap, 1 hand cream 75ml.

  • Verveine Agrumes Giftset

    Verbena grows under the Mediterranean sun. It has a delightful refreshing fragrance and is a firm favorite with the parapharmaceutical industry due to its dermatological properties. This giftset contains: 1 Eau de parfum 60ml, 1 solid soap, 1 hand cream 75ml.
  • Jasmin Secret Giftset

    Jeanne en Provence features Jasmine for its new cosmetic line. A real gem of perfumery, jasmine is a symbol of the Grasse region. Jasmine is still today an eternal symbol of feminine beauty. Mystery flower, it embodies sensuality, delicacy and elegance. This giftset contains: 1 shower oil 250ml, 1 body lotion 250ml , 1 hand cream 75ml.
  • Pivoine Féerie Giftset

    The peony, named the “flower with a thousand petals”, embodies love and feminine beauty. Finely fragranced, the flowers are both generous and imposing, delicate and sensual. This giftset contains: 1 shower oil 250ml, 1 hand cream 75ml, 1 body lotion 250ml.
  • Le Temps des Secrets

    Jeanne en Provence invites you to dream while listening to a flowery, delicate poem, with blackberry bush flowers… Then the fragrance plunges us into the sweet, tasty flavors of Provence, thanks to the natural essences of bitter almond, bergamot and mandarin. Capacity: 60ml or 125ml
  • Beurre de Karité & Miel Hand Cream

    Comforting and easy to apply, the Jeanne en Provence Karité & Miel hands cream moisturizes thanks to the vegetable glycerin. Capacity: 75ml
  • Néroli Intense

    Neroli intense echoes the sensuous relationship between man and nature, an invigorating, refreshing citrusy fragrance that evokes the heart of Provence in summer. Capacity: 100ml

    Tuberose & Neroli brings together two delicate white flowers in a harmony of citrus notes to give a fresh, luminous fragrance. Green notes mingle with freshly picked mandarins and oranges to transport you to the heart of the orchards of Provence.  
  • Eau de parfum Iris & Néroli

    Iris & Neroli is the alliance of two energetic flowers with incredible brightness. Promise a morning escape through orange blossom-scented fields. 100ml
  • Pivoine Féerie

    Jeanne en Provence faithfully reflects the delicacy of peony petals floating in the wind in its new and light Eau de Parfum Pivoine Féérie. First of all be carried away by these fresh and green notes of citrus fruit and peony bud… Capacity: 50ml

    Breathe the fresh and stimulating wind from the lavender fields from Provence! Like a fresh, stimulating Provençal wind, this fragrance is a tonic and aromatic combination of natural essences of lavender.

    Discover this fragrance which reflects the spirit of Provence. The two main ingredients, olive wood and juniper bring fresh and herbaceous notes, while its aromatic scents take us on a journey. Capacity: 100ml

Showing 1–12 of 55 results